hay s^ qt?

wanna bone?

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hay, s^? This is a community where you get to just go ape shit and make up fake conversations between you and someone you think is really cool. Celebrities, athletes, people in the news, your mom.. OH SNAP! You can make convos with lame people, too, but it might not be as fun. It's not that hard of a concept. If you have any questions, contact the mod, holycrapyousuck.

OMG r00lz:

1) Don't be a douche bag, or you will be promptly b&
2) Try to only post hay sups, or related posts. I'm not gonna be gung ho about it, so the occasional community promo or something totally random and dumb is okay. If I deem it to be too st00pid, I'll delete it. OH YEAH.
3) Try to keep your hay sups in this format:

Me: hay s^ qt? wanna bone?
Chuck Norris: The winds are changing.
Me: lol whatevs

Or something to that effect.
4) Netspeak isn't required, but it just adds a bit of quirkiness and humor to it.
5) Pictures aren't required either, but they give you the full effect of the hay sup. If you have more than one hay sup that include pictures, please put them under a cut. kthnx.
6) n00dz are welcome.